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In Dragon City, basic breeding is required to get new dragons throughout the game. The basic building blocks required to breed dragons are parent dragon who are at least feed up to level 4, q building ground that includes a breeding Mountain r a breeding tree. Fir the very first time you have to purchase these dragons from eggs and then select the dragon which you would like to breed then you have to wait for sometime for creation. Of egg and their hatching to get a new dragon. The type of offspring produced depends upon the parents you breed. Use dragon city hack to breed faster. For breeding you can either go through Level exclusive breeding or Non-level exclusive. Basic dragons available for generation one breeding are: Terra dragon, Flame dragon, Sea dragon, Nature dragon, Electric dragon, Ice dragon, Metal dragon, Dark dragon, light dragon, war dragon, Pure dragon.

By using basic dragons you can build rank one dragons in single step. Also getting your desired dragon is a matter of luck because the input order of dragons in building process does not affect the egg outcome.

Terra dragon

It will give Flaming Rock or Volcano or Aztec if you breed Terra and Flame.
If you breed Terra and Nature, it will give Tropical or Cactus or Centipede
Terra and Sea breeding will give Mud or Waterfall or Plankton

Breeding of Flame dragon

Breeding Flame & Terra will give Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Flame & Sea breeding will give Cloud OR Blizzard
While if you will breed Flame and Nature then this will give Firebird or Spicy.

Breeding of Sea dragon

Breeding of Sea and Terra it will give Mud or Waterfall
Breeding Sea and Flame it will give Cloud or Blizzard.
Breeding of Sea and Nature it will give Nenufar or Coral.

Breeding of Nature dragon

If you gonna breed Nature and Terra then you will get Tropical or Cactus.
Breeding of Nature and Flame will give Firebird or Spicy or Paradise
While breeding of Nature and Sea will give Nenufar or Coral or Seahorse

Breeding of Electric dragon

If you breed Electric + Terra = Star or Chameleon or Sky
If you breed Electric + Flame = Laser or Hot Metal or Music
If you breed Electric + Sea = Lantern Fish or Storm or Hydra

Breeding of Ice dragon

If you breed Ice + Terra it will give Alpine or Snow Flake or Great White
If you breed Ice + Sea it will give Icecube or Ice Cream or Viking If you breed Ice + Nature it will give Dandelion or Mojito.

Breeding of Metal dragon

If you breed Metal + Flame it will give Medieval or Steampunk or Carnival
If you breed Metal + Sea it will give Mercury or Seashell or Hammer
If you breed Metal + Ice it will give Platinum or Pearl

Breeding of Dark dragon

If you breed Dark + Terra it will give Hedgehog or Venom or Bat
If you breed Dark + Flame it will give Vampire or Dark Fire or Joker
if you breed Dark + Sea it will give Pirate or Petroleum

Breeding of Light dragon

If you breed Archangel + Terra it will give Justice
If you breed Archangel + Flame it will give Sun
If you breed Archangel + Sea it will give Luminsicent or Dolphin

Breeding of War dragon

If you breed War + Terra it will give Colossal
If you breed War + Flame it will give Juggernaut
If you breed War + Nature it will give Red Woods

Breeding of Pure dragon

If you breed Pure + Terra it will give Pure Terra or Ivory (Level 15)
If you breed Pure + Flame it will give Pure Flame
If you breed Pure + Nature it will give Pure Nature

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