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The first online strategy to raise money

The multi-faceted online game MyLands opens the portal to a new world. This online game has been created by our collective to meet the highest demands of multi-player online games based on military-economic strategies, giving the opportunity to conquer the world’s new online strategy with your friends.

The on-line game we suggest is a so-called junk game that does not require anything to be downloaded or installed (that’s why it’s called a “junk online game”).

If you are accustomed to using such online strategy, the one who is paying for this kind of overpayment, our inexperienced online play makes it possible to make money for your game.

Players, you buy and convert black pearls into real money in an online game. You do not just play online games but in MMOG My Lands you earn in the game! Playing a military-economic strategy is a remarkable way of running.

If you have played the popular Heroes strategy game, then you will immediately see what perspective MyLands reveals, as it is played online with thousands of players.

MyLands is an inexpensive online game that means it’s possible to play from any computer connected to the Internet. Online game MyLands suggests two regimes: a PvP game or a PvE game (such a game is played on a random or mining server).

There are different brauery games on the internet (between them online strategies are taken in the last place) – why, why do we suggest you to play my Bravo game MyLands? Our invaluable online game combines the best of other computer games (brauzer online and plain games).

This is a totally in-game online game and you will be able to play online on any computer, the full screen mode will allow you to deeper and deeper into the world of our online game and you will forget that it is just a brauzer game that does not require a client.

But the most important thing is that the MyLands brainstorming provides such opportunities you did not expect and that is raising money in the game.


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